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​BOOSTTECH – Maximum Efficiency

​It is not always necessary to buy a new CNC machine tool. There is untold potential in your existing machine. New requirements and tasks can often be economically fulfilled with a modernized machine.

​With our modernization concept BOOSTTECH we offer you a complete solution for your index lathe for a fixed price. All mechanical components are replaced with new parts of equal or higher quality. By using the latest control and drive components from Siemens, we achieve maximum efficiency and improve the productivity of your machines by up to 30 percent. Latest measuring technology, sensors and actuators increase the performance of your machine tool. As a result, workpieces can be made even more precise and faster. For functional safety and personal protection, we rely on Siemens Safety Integrated and equip the systems with a new CE mark. You will receive an as-new system on which the technology, tools, clamping devices and CNC part programs are already available and known, and thus no start-up difficulties are to be expected.

​The advantages of our retrofit concept BOOSTTECH

​New technology improves the manufacturing quality

​Highest performanca and flexibility

​Modernizations are 100% tax-deductible in Germany

​Significant increase in the value of your machine

​Up-to-date ease of use and user interface

​Latest machine and personal protection

​No additional costs for technology, tools and clamping devices

​Quality "Made in Germany"

​You can find more information about Index ABC Retrofit in our brochure.

 ABC Retrofit

SINAMICS drivers

​In our retrofit concept BOOSTTECH, we offer you the latest Siemens SINUMERIK ONE.

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​Our partners

​We're good at what we do. Really good. But nobody can excel at everything, and that's true for us as well. In order to be able to offer you a complete service package, we are cooperating with external partners in some areas. These partners are really good at what they do, and they support our philosophy. Please see below for a list of our partners, their names, webpages and specialties. Just so you know who is supporting us in which areas.







​Kraft & Bauer Schweiz AG

​Fire protection systems


​Logistik & Verlagerung

​Machinery and special transports Erich Kurz


​We bring your turning or milling center up to date with the latest in control and drive technology.

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​Used machines

​We know exactly what is important for an INDEX machine. A valuable knowledge that we use in the trade with used machines from INDEX.

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​Spindle bearing

​We look forward to personally advising you. Please visit us.

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​We support you with our service offers for machines from INDEX of the series: RatioLine, SpeedLine and VerticalLine.

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